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Charged me $130 to unplug my garage door opener and plug it back in. Guy was here for 30 seconds. Literally could have told me to do this over the phone.


A Response from: Walt Arvin

I just listened to the recording of the call you had with our scheduling team (which I would be happy to share with you). Given what I heard on that call, you seem completely unjustified in calling our company a derogatory name and giving us such a negative review. For the record, you called us to look at your garage door opener, which YOU thought had a "fried circuit board" your words in the phone call. Our team was completely upfront and told you that we can't diagnose garage door or opener issues over the phone – there are simply too many things to test. Additionally, when you set up the appointment you agreed to pay the $130 service fee, which not only got our technician to your home at the date and time of your choice but paid for the diagnosis of the door and operator. Our technician determined that your operator was fine, all it needed was a reset. So, he performed the reset (unplugged your machine, waited the appropriate time, then plugged it back in, and tested to make sure it worked properly). All said we were there for nearly an hour. That’s what we did. How does this warrant such a negative review and calling us a slanderous name? We feel we treated you with respect and honesty, which is how we do business every day. We are sorry that the fix was so easy that you felt taken advantage of... clearly we feel we did what we were asked to do.

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